tim malloy

Our Last Night || The Viper Room

As a person who shoots a lot of bands, I've been able to tell when artists are putting on a performance. The first band to play, ZiBBZ, had one of the most genuine performances I've seen yet. Or maybe they're just the best at faking it! I'll never know. 

Stee of ZiBBZ

Every moment was filled with joy and excitement as they shared their music with the crowded room. The simplistic drummer (Stee) and vocalist (Coco) combo echoes other bands such as Twenty One Pilots and The White Stripes, but their music is entirely unique. One song was played entirely off of an iPhone synthesizer by drummer Stee which felt organic and original. The lighting setup was amazing for an opening band due to the fluorescent triangle positioned behind the drums. Almost minimalistic and tribal, ZiBBZ put on a fantastic performance and I definitely would like to see and shoot them again.

Finally the moment everyone was waiting for. Our Last Night took to the stage with a shorter set than usual, but the intensity and fun was all the same. A team of camera operators decked out with Canon C300's, 70-200's, and 24-70's (for all you camera nerds out there), filmed the entire performance which will be released at a later date. OLN played songs mostly off of their new album Younger Dreams which dropped in June of 2015. They even played an acoustic version of their Justin Bieber cover "Sorry". Their 7 song setlist consisted of Road To The Throne, Prisoners, Home, Younger Dreams, White Tiger, Sorry (acoustic), and Sunrise. All in all, it was a great show and what made it even better was that it was FREE! OLN killed it at the legendary venue, The Viper Room and I'm stoked to see what they do next!