Los Angeles

Spades and Blades || House of Blues Anaheim

For me, there is nothing better than being pleasantly surprised by a band's performance. I was just at a free show put on by Pirate Entertainment at the House of Blues Anaheim, when I saw the band Spades and Blades perform. Trust me, Spades and Blades absolutely killed it, and here is why. Each band member didn't shy away from my camera or give me funny looks when I was snapping candid pictures backstage. In fact, they all played right toward me! A lot of bands ignore the camera and focus on the crowd which I understand, but if you want to have dynamic and thrilling pictures, acknowledge the camera. 

Jason Todd

There is so much raw energy in Jason Todd's eyes and face that I would not have been able to fully capture if he was looking at the crowd. This moment only took a few seconds out of his performance, but it resulted in a picture that can last for so much longer. Luckily, I was prepared to snap a few of these before his attention turned back to the crowd. 

Tommy Jean Stiles

It was in between songs and I was next to Tommy Jean Stiles (drums) and he noticed me snapping a few pictures. Instead of ignoring me, he took a quick second and posed. Instantly turned a mediocre photo into an awesome one. It doesn't even have to be an awesome pose either. Just don't be camera shy.

Justin Bullock

A few seconds later, I moved over to Justin Bullock (guitar/vocals) to see what he was up to. He was just drinking some water, but he saw what I was up to and made a face like he got caught doing something wrong. Or maybe I just surprised him. I guess we'll never know. Either way, the picture has more life in it than if he ignored me. 

Basically, make the photographers your friends because they can take sweet pictures of you. After seeing Spades and Blades, I am definitely planning on shooting them again because of how awesome they were. Go check out their new EP "Proud to be Loud" on Spotify now!