Atreyu || Musink 2016

This was the 2nd time shooting Atreyu (the 1st time being my first big show back at The Glass House in September) and it was just as fun as the first. Having released their album “Let Live” after a 5 year hiatus, Atreyu has come back in full force, selling out venues and rocking out hard. Peaking at #26 on the Billboard 200, their new album has been positively reviewed by musicians and fans alike. Singer Alex Varkatzas spent a lot of time interacting with the crowd during the show, making him very difficult to photograph. It was pretty frustrating because I ended up with only one usable picture of him.

However, the rest of the band picked up the slack and filled in beautifully. Brandon Saller, the drummer who also sings during choruses, was spectacular with both his vocals and drumming. His voice sounds the same as it does on the albums which is impressive because he’s drumming at the same time! While the performances were great, the crowd and the lighting felt a bit lackluster compared to previous Atreyu shows. That being said, Atreyu is always fun to see live due to their talent and high energy music.

This was kind of cool though, after the first 3 songs (the only songs you're allowed to shoot in the photo pit) I went to the VIP side stage area to chill and watch the show. Ended up seeing the guys from Avenged Sevenfold coming out to support Atreyu and watch their show. No I didn't go up and say hi. I hate being a creep like that. I just thought it was cool.