Marianas Trench || Troubadour

A packed house filled with college students looking to have a music filled Friday night. In between bands, the whole crowd sang along to the songs “Walking on Sunshine" and “Footloose" that played over the loudspeakers. Glow sticks of every color decorated individuals swaying to the beat of the music. 

Josh Ramsay (Lead Vocals/Guitar) and Mike Ayley (Bass/Vocals)

The energy was high as the Canadian rock band, Marianas Trench took to the stage. Girls everywhere screamed at the first glimpse of the rock stars as they peaked out from the curtains. Marianas Trench blasted the song “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson right before they came out. The thunderous subwoofers made the walls and floor shake, setting the tone for how the rest of the concert would go. An even higher pitched shrill enveloped the room as Marianas Trench began their first song. 

Matt Webb (Guitar/Vocals)

Each member had high energy and moved around the stage quite a bit, especially lead singer and guitarist Josh Ramsay. The back wall behind drummer Ian Casselman was made of LED wall where beautiful, abstract, color formations danced. During slow heartfelt songs, images of their friends and loved ones were shown.  The crowd mimicked Marianas Trench’s energy level for the entire show with people raising their hands, dancing, and singing. As the show progressed and the temperature rose, shirts and jackets of the musicians came off, adding a new and wild energy to their 1980’s style performance. Overall, it was a phenomenal show that anyone would have enjoyed due to the catchy music, hyped up crowd, and the band’s captivating act. 

Josh Ramsay (Lead Vocals/Guitar)

Josh Ramsay (Lead Vocals/Guitar)

Marianas Trench’ newest album Astoria has an amazing 80’s rock feel that people of all ages could relate to. Lead singer/guitarist Josh Ramsay has said the album was inspired by 1980’s fantasy and adventure films, particularly The Goonies, which is what the album artwork resembles.