Killswitch Engage || The Novo

If you're thinking, "Really? More Killswitch Engage? Haven't you already shot them twice this year?" Then yes. This is the 3rd time I have photographed Killswitch Engage this year and the third time is the charm! Not that the first or second shows weren't charms; they were just slightly less awesome charms. The first Killswitch show was back in April, when they toured with Memphis May Fire. Timmy Farmer (check him out he's great! got me backstage for that show which was SICK! Here's a link to that show: 

The second show was only a few weeks ago and was at Dirtfest in Michigan when I went on tour with The Mirage Theory. While scheduled during their Incarnate Tour, the setlist that Killswitch Engage played at Dirtfest was different as Dirtfest was not technically a stop on their tour. I can't remember for sure but I remember some of the lighting setup was similar to the show at The Novo.

The Novo in downtown Los Angeles was in the second half of the KSE's Incarnate World tour, promoting their new album released in March of this year. In total, Killswitch Engage played sixteen songs that night, only four of which were off their new album. Tying that, they also played four songs off of their next previous album Disarm The Dissent. Most artists would probably put more songs off of their new album in their World Tour, but Killswitch Engage has so many phenomenal songs off of their previous albums to play. Unfortunately they didn't play some personal favorites like The Arms of Sorrow, Reject Yourself, or The Element of One. 

This happened to be my favorite time seeing Killswitch Engage play in the 3 times I've photographed them and 1 time I've seen them with Ryan back in the day. Mike, KSE's bassist, is one of my favorite people to shoot because of his hair, headbanging, and crazy stances he does on stage. Lead guitarist Adam was crazy and hilarious as always. Sadly, I think he's retired the cape and short shorts he always used to wear on stage. The lighting designer for the tour, whoever you are, did a fantastic job and made my job as a photographer simple with plenty of room to explore! Overall, it was one of my favorite concerts of 2016 so far.


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