NAMM Day 1

Being a first time NAMM attendee, I had no idea what I was in for. I walked into the Anaheim Convention Center and was immediately overwhelmed by the size of the place, mixed in with the vast number of booths and massive crowd of people wandering around. This was before I learned that there were 3 floors of the place! 

I wandered around looking at the various booths of which I knew nothing about until I ran into legendary bass player Victor Wooten absolutely shredding on his bass at the Hartke Booth. To see him play in person was such an honor. A crowd immediately gathered around him and listened in reverence.

Victor Wooten

Victor Wooten

Luckily, I ran into my friends from The Mirage Theory, who by their good graces got me into NAAM, and I used them as a guide for the rest of the day. Davier (drummer) and I walked around and he pointed out who was famous and when to take pictures of them. I was basically in a state of confusion all day, not knowing where to go, how to find people, or what any of the stuff did. I drove home exhausted and immediately passed out. 

This is how I felt after Day 1